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Tadpole… iPod protection for toddlers October 29, 2006

Posted by geekzendaddy in Case, Cover, iPod.
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Recently I came across the Tadpole by Ifrogz. This is very cool as I have always been afraid to give my son my iPod to use, but am torn since I am not a real fan of toddler type music 🙂 I was going to get my son one of the Fisher Price tape players but then realized…. we don’t own tapes, lol, plus I really dread audio tape being strung all over the apartment. Alas, anything I give him needs to be digital.

The Tadpole has large handles making it easy for kids to hold, tons of silicone for the inevitable drops and a hard screen cover to protect the screen from markers and gouges from other toys in the area.

tadpole by ifrogz, coming soon

This comes out in November and I will be getting one very shortly after that to let the little one test 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes and if I need to replace my iPod or not. Cross your fingers!


Quickies :-) October 29, 2006

Posted by geekzendaddy in Freeware, OS X, Software, Utility.
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No, not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter 🙂 I a few pieces of software that I have used recently and they all work really well. But as one trick ponies, I am going to put them in one post as I have not been able to post on a regular schedule lately and I don’t want to forget to tell you about them. So, with out further adieu …

Spirited Away : Since I am always juggling lots of programs at one time, I fill my launcher bar up fast. Well, Spirited Away helps this. The program checks my minimized programs for use and if I haven’t used them in a while it hides them making more room…. sweet 🙂

Menu Shade : Menu Shade is pretty cool to get a clean desktop. It takes the bar at the top of the Mac screen and changes the color and sets a transparency level as well. The bar becomes full visible when you hover the pointer over it. This is good for taking screen shots or just for admiring your wallpaper in a more pristine environment 🙂

Desktopple : Desktopple is a screenshoters best friend. This one trick pony hides everything on your desktop to take clean shots. This is great when you need takes shots for a work presentation but don’t want them to see your Star Wars icons or funky wallpaper. This program will also hide everything before you hook up to a projector and show your prospects too much 🙂

Dead.licious : If your like me you have a lot of bookmarks. In fact last time I checked I have over 1000 up at del.icio.us. Do I have the time to check them all for dead links? Heck no! Well, Dead.licious takes care of that for me now. Oh, and surprisingly on my last check, 1300 and all still good. Wow! lol

Amnesty Generator October 10, 2006

Posted by geekzendaddy in OS X, Software, Widgets.
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Since I was going into widget stuff last week I have decided to do one more…. the last for a while 😉 Soooo you can’t find a Dashboard widget that you like. It happens. you pop over to you Google personalised home page and see that cool too and say to yourself, “gee I wish I could always have this available without a browser.” Tadaaaa a problem that needs an answer. In walks Amnesty Generator and says, “heck I can do that.”, and it does.

Amnesty takes any Google widget and makes it a Dashboard widget very quickly. I made 5 widgets and put them on my dashboard in less than 5 min. Pretty cool.

Here is a screenshot of the creation screen that I used to make one of my new widgets.

This program is very easy to use and works very well. It comes highly recommended for when you want a little cross-platform widget action 🙂