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Looking for some widgets? November 30, 2006

Posted by geekzendaddy in Software, Widgets.
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widgets_logo_beta.gif Looking for some widgets? Do I have a place for you! Head on over to Widgipedia. The site is done in “Wiki” style like Wikipedia is. Here is a blurb from there site….

Widgipedia is the ultimate cross-platform resource for both users and developers of widgets and gadgets. You will find here widgets and gadgets to download – many of them not to be found anywhere else. But there is much more: you can upload here your creations without restrictions, as well as find tutorials, code samples, libraries or learn from other developers or share knowledge with them.


Amnesty Generator October 10, 2006

Posted by geekzendaddy in OS X, Software, Widgets.
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Since I was going into widget stuff last week I have decided to do one more…. the last for a while 😉 Soooo you can’t find a Dashboard widget that you like. It happens. you pop over to you Google personalised home page and see that cool too and say to yourself, “gee I wish I could always have this available without a browser.” Tadaaaa a problem that needs an answer. In walks Amnesty Generator and says, “heck I can do that.”, and it does.

Amnesty takes any Google widget and makes it a Dashboard widget very quickly. I made 5 widgets and put them on my dashboard in less than 5 min. Pretty cool.

Here is a screenshot of the creation screen that I used to make one of my new widgets.

This program is very easy to use and works very well. It comes highly recommended for when you want a little cross-platform widget action 🙂