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Cristmas Tree for Mac December 16, 2006

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I know it’s cutting it close, but I just realized that I have had a Christmas tree on my Mack for 15 something days and forgot to blog about it. It works great 🙂 I love my tree 🙂 It blinks and is movable and best of all it keeps reminding me how few days that I have left to buy stuff 😀



System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

X-MasTree is 159% Freeware. X-MasTree may be freely distributed, as long as no fees are collected for it. You do not have to contact StimpSoft™ or the author for permission to distribute this application. Actually, I would prefer it if you just left me alone. Really.

Disclaimer: StimpSoft™ and its “employees” are NOT responsible for any damage, loss, tooth-decay, sexual dysfunction, warts, plague of locusts or cat infestation that may occur from using this application.

Download X-MasTree 1.4

Requires Mac OS X 10.4.x
Size: 836k


iPhoto2Gmail December 14, 2006

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I tried this plugin and it works great!  It really does make sending pictures easier.  Give it a try….


A little about the plugin:


iPhoto2Gmail is a project I worked on because I often found myself trying to walk family members through the process of exporting and resizing pics from their iPhoto library in order to gmail them to others.   I realized that the multi-step process was a little cumbersome compared to most tasks on a Mac. I used this as an excuse to get my feet wet with Cocoa and all the neat new Xcode features.   This is the result… so far


It is still a very early piece of software, probably has many bugs, and is rough around the edges. I hope to improve on it and that it will be useful to some folks. © 2006 Juan I. Leon


Full Screen in Quicktime December 7, 2006

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Full screen for free

Reader Rudy Grasso would like to get something for nothing and writes:

In one of your magazine issues you explained how to get Full Screen when viewing a movie in QuickTime. When I recently upgraded to QuickTime 7.01, full screen will not open anymore. Is there a way to have QuickTime 7 play in full screen without paying for the pro version?

Sure. Launch Script Editor and enter this:

Save the script as an application. Now open the movie you want to view in full screen in QuickTime Player. Double-click the AppleScript application you just created and your movie will play at full screen.

From MacWorld Magazine

Act up! Fight AIDS! December 1, 2006

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Act up! Fight AIDS!

Click here for more information on AmFAR.

Click here for more information on the One campaign.

Click here for more information on Youth AIDS.

Click here for more information on Broadway Cares.

Click here for more information on the RED project.

Click here for more information on the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Click here for more information on The Global Fund.

Click here for more information on God’s Love We Deliver

Click here for more information on Project Angel Food.

– And, Click here for more information and education on AIDS.

Very useful gadget… parking meter timer November 30, 2006

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754432_lg1.jpg Have you ever gotten a ticket for an expired meter? No? You must never have been to NYC 🙂 In NYC the meter checkers drop out of the air like in Mission Impossible the instant a meter clicks. Sigh…. this little baby would have saved me several hundred dollars over the years.

Here is a blurb from there site……

Product Detail:

Prevent another parking mishap! Know when your parking meter time is up with this convenient keychain.

  • As seen in the New York Times Gift Guide
  • 24 hour countdown for parking timer
  • Early warning alarms at 10, 5 and 1-minute intervals
  • 10 second memo feature to record your parking location and time, or use for other reminders
  • Messages retained even when batteries are dead or removed

No more parking tickets, no more forgetting where you parked and no more stress!


Looking for some widgets? November 30, 2006

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widgets_logo_beta.gif Looking for some widgets? Do I have a place for you! Head on over to Widgipedia. The site is done in “Wiki” style like Wikipedia is. Here is a blurb from there site….

Widgipedia is the ultimate cross-platform resource for both users and developers of widgets and gadgets. You will find here widgets and gadgets to download – many of them not to be found anywhere else. But there is much more: you can upload here your creations without restrictions, as well as find tutorials, code samples, libraries or learn from other developers or share knowledge with them.

Welcome! November 25, 2006

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Welcome to my new home. My archives will remain up at the old site. Please feel to peruse them until they are all transferred over to here.



AppZapper November 18, 2006

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I install a lot of stuff. I am always looking for better tools and toys to use. Since I come from the Windows world I am used to having an uninstall process for most everything. Now, while that process was often painful, it was there.

When I moved to the Mac world I made a bad assumption. Since installing on a Mac is usually drag and drop an icon, I assumed that uninstalling was the same way. As I discovered recently when you delete an app from your Applications folder lots of things are left behind. All this leftover stuff won’t necessarily have any affect on your system, but it does steal hard drive space away from you.

I tried a few uninstall solutions out there and basically they all worked, but I wasn’t sold on any until I found AppZapper. AppZapper is easy to use, just like installing, to uninstall anything you just drop it’s icon onto the AppZapper icon or window as shown below.
AppZapper opens up and tells you everything that is associated with the app, where it’s located and lets you deselect portions of the list.
So far I have not deselected any items when I have used the program, but I am sure it will happen eventually. After my 5 free zaps were up I was so pleased with the experience that I bought the app for $12.95. It’s a small price to pay for the ease of use and peace of mind that things are not gumming up my system.


Clocky – The alarm clock that runs away November 16, 2006

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front.gif  Ohhhhh you evil evil thing! Go to Clocky.net to read more about the runaway clock!

Clocky® (patent pending) is an alarm clock that runs away and hides if you don’t get out of bed on time. When the alarm sounds you can snooze one time. If you still don’t wake up, Clocky will jump off of the bedside table, and wheel away, mindlessly bumping into objects until he finds a spot to rest. You’ll have to get up and out of bed to silence his alarm. Clocky will find new spots everyday, kind of like a hide-and-seek game.

Clocky alarm clocks were designed to reinterpret the common alarm clock into something that is not stressful and obnoxious but amusing and a better fit between humans and technology.

Great intro to OS X video November 7, 2006

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Recently I came across a great video via http://www.digg.com. I can’t embed google video for some reason, so the link is below. Here is the description in the authors own words..

“This is a demonstration of what the Mac OS can do, particularly if you are a new user to the Mac or if you’ve never had one and are wondering what it can do for you or if it is something you would like to try.” – Seanadb – http://www.beggs.ca/